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The first image is of the HMS Gannet, the first thing you see when you go to the dry docks. She dates back to 1878 and her early years saw service in the Pacific, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

The second image is the World War II destroyer HMS Cavalier, this saw active duty off Northern Norway after deployment in 1944. She finally ended service in 1972 as the last Royal Navy Second World War destroyer. She is now preserved, as a memorial to the 142 Royal Navy destroyers sunk during the Second World War with the loss of over 11,000 men.

The third image is of HM Submarine Ocelot which was launched in May 1962 and was the last warship to be built for the Royal Navy at Chatham. She was one of six 'O' class diesel-electric submarines. Ocelot remained in service up until 1991 and although some idea of her whereabouts are known all of her commissions remain classified information. We had a guided tour and I have a underdying respect for the men who work aboard a submarine in such cramped and claustrophobic conditions.

The fourth image is a large scale model of HMS Victory, the level of detail is unbelievable. Truly a work of art. I highly recommend a visit to this place, very good day out, educational and sobering too.

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14 August 2013 : 22:22

I took the afternoon off to take wifey to her driving theory test. As the test centre for the theory is located in Chatham it seemed kinda worth it to do something in that vicinity after the test. As Ethan is on school holiday at the moment I came up with the idea of the Chatham Dockyard. It's a little bit pricey but we paid the premium for the annual tickets so we have full access for a whole year now and can go as much as we want. I had a feeling Ethan would like it, what little boy doesn't want to stand on the deck of a real warship and have a tour through a real (and claustrophobic) submarine.



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